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Transcell force load cells can be applied to the microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine to realize the accurate measurement of the force value.

These machines are widely used in factories, universities, research institutes and national legal supervision mechanism. The force load cell is the most important force value acquisition components of test machine. The test machine is able to accurately measure the elastic modulus, yield strength and tensile strength, which is closely related to the accuracy of the force load cell.

It is also widely used in mobile phones, PC, household appliances, automotive (R & D and manufacturing), new materials, bio medicine, aerospace, construction, packaging, weapons, agriculture, apparel (such as seam strength) and many other fields.

The force load cells provided by Transcell, but can easily meet these requirements as long as using one load cell can achieve the pulling of the testing machine and the mechanical pressure can measure accurately. After verification, the installation and application of this force load cell, can reach the required precision proposed by national test verification regulation.

Material testing machine

Double space universal material testing machine, Tensile and compressive properties of testing materials

Force transducer

Specific micro chart

Multi-head mechanical testing

Multi head mechanical testing, while completing the multi force value test