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The waste and recycling industries demand a level of accuracy and reliability from their weighing technology products that is seldom needed or understood by others. Weighing scales and other components play a variety of vital roles in the waste industry, including measuring waste, keeping track of high volumes of input and output materials, and helping your company to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws. At Transcell, we understand how important a role your weighing tools play in your business, and we manufacture all of our weighing products for maximum accuracy and long-term durability. That’s what makes Transcell the most trusted brand in the waste weighing industry.

We offer a variety of stationary, portable, and even wireless weighing technology product lines to fulfill every weighing need that your team faces. Our floor scale series, such as the Wireless Guardian Floor Scale, have been widely adopted by the top firms in the waste services industry, and are renowned for their durability, precision, and ease-of-use. This NTEP certified unit is fully electronic and is built with an ultra-strong steel structure designed to withstand years of abuse on the job site, while maintaining its incredible accuracy throughout its service life. Furthermore, the Guardian Floor Scale series is paired with our popular TI-500RF digital indicator unit, which is known for its ease-of-use and high visibility, making it a great choice for dirty job sites where quick visibility is key. These units come with a maximum weighing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

On the other hand, some jobs require the extreme flexibility and mobility from their weighing units. If this description matches your company’s needs, then look no further than our line of portable weigh beams. For instance, the Weighbeams 5040-SWP is a highly portable, simple-to-use scale that can be completely set up in the span of less than five minutes. This unit includes two weight beams with built-in handles, several battery packs, and a wireless interface that makes this unit perfect for weighing waste out in the field without a need for permanent infrastructure or a power supply. While this system was initially designed for weighing livestock, it has been adopted by savvy waste management companies looking for a lightweight and mobile weighing system with a high weighing capacity.

Our AWX-10 Wireless Wheel and Axle Weigher has also seen widespread adoption within the waste management industry and is considered to be the industry-standard that all other truck scales are measured against. This unit is rated with a capacity of up to 20,000 lbs per pad, and comes with a convenient setup that includes built-in handles and wheels for easy portability. The unit’s solid cast aluminum design also offers a level of strength and durability that allows the unit to perform accurately in the field years after it leaves the box. The weigher comes with a useful built-in thermal printer and a fully digital control box, allowing you to print and save records from the field with little hassle.

While our ground units and truck weighers are widely known within the waste management field, our line of weighing modules just may be our best kept secret. For example, our top-of-the-line DBS 4-Module Capacity weighing module is perfect for weighing large loads of waste transported by both vehicle and rail, and has been widely adopted by yard waste companies that need to move large amounts of sand, dirt, and gravel. This nickel plated and steel unit offers outstanding performance and an industry-leading service life.

While most waste management companies focus on purchasing the weighing units themselves, savvy owners understand that the indicators and controllers themselves are the most important components of an accurate and long-lasting weighing system. That’s why Transcell is proud to offer the top-performing line of digital indicators available on the industrial weighing technology market. Our line of digital indicators, best exemplified by our highly-rated TI-1520 Indicator, out-performers the competition’s components in the field every single time. These easy-to-use, highly visible units are perfect for use in a field where speed and accuracy are key to maintaining profit margins.

As a leader in the waste management industry, you understand how important high-quality weighing technology is the success of your company and your bottom line. That’s why Transcell is committed to remaining the most highly-respected industrial weighing technology manufacturer in the United States and to helping your business grow by providing reliable, long-lasting components along with our best in class customer service. Reach out to our engineering team today to discuss your waste management and weighing challenges, and to learn more about our custom OEM capabilities.

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