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Wireless Communication

Transcell  wireless communication kits allow you to transmit and receive data  between assorted electronic devices and scales with limited effort and time. The kit options include indicator with weight module, floor scale with indicator, and weigh beams and indicator.

Wireless Communication
Product Matrix: Specifications: Bluetooth
Product RF Kit Channel  Antenna  Indicator Enclosure Bluetooth range (2.0, Class I): Up to 100, unobstructed
Alpha Single Internal Aluminum
Bravo Single Chip Aluminum (ISM) band at 2.4 to 2.485 GHz
Charlie Single External Aluminum
Delta Single Internal Stainless

Adaptive frequency hopping: reduce interference

between wireless  technologies sharing the 2.4 GHz spectrum

Echo Single Chip Stainless
Foxtrot Single External Stainless Class 1 Radios: have a range of 100 meters or 300 feet
Golf Dual x2 Internal Aluminum
Hotel Dual x3 Chip Aluminum Specifications: Options
India Dual x4 External Aluminum Battery pack: 4x C-cell battery pack (6V)
Juliet Dual x5 Internal Stainless
Kilo Dual x6 Chip Stainless Indicator Bluetooth module
Lima Dual x7 External Stainless
Specifications: TI-500 RF
Display:  0.8”, 6 Digit LCD w/LED backlight Keyboard Functions:  Units, Zero/Off, Net/Gross, Tare, On/Print
Display Resolution: Up to 50,000 external grads Annunciators: Gross, Net, kg, lbs., Center of Zero, Stable, Tare, Negative, low battery
NIST Classification:  Pending Serial Port:  Full Duplex RS-232C, Bluetooth
Operating Temperature:  14ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC) Power Requirement: 6-14 VDC
Warranty:  14ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC) DC Power Consumption:  50 mA
Indicator Dimensions:  3.2” x 6.8” x 2.3” (81mm x 173mm x 60mm) Battery: 4 – AA alkaline
Enclosure: Aluminum
Specifications: TI-500 SS-RF
*TI-500 SS-RF specifications are the same as TI-500 RF except for the following:
Enclosure: Stainless Steel Battery: 6-Volt 3 Ah internal rechargeable lead acid
Indicator Dimensions:  8.9” x 5.5” x 2.9” (231mm x 140mm x 72mm) Charging time:  44 hours, fully discharged battery
Specifications: RF Weighing Module
Load Cell Excitation: +3.3 VDC Operating Temperature: 14ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC)
Load Cell Current: Drives up to four 350 Ω Load Cells Keyboard Functions:  On/Off
Analog Signal Input Range: +/- 3 mV/V max Power Requirement:  4.0 VDC – 6.5 VDC
Analog Sensitivity: 0.3 µV/grad, minimum 0.6 µ/grad, recommended minimum for Legal-for-Trade DC Power Consumption: 20 mA + 10 mA/350 Ω Load Cell
A/D Conversion Rate: 10 Hz Dimensions – excluding the external antenna: 6.7” x 1.9” x 1.9” (170 x 48 x 47 mm)
A/D Resolution: Up to 200,000 Internal Counts @ 3 mV/V  Warranty: 1 year limited warranty applies
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