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    Load Cell Cable

    Load cell cable is a must-have equipment for weighing and displaying operation. Transcell load cell cables are strong and durable, which make them perfect options for replacements.

    Product Item Description Capacity Note
      4-Conductor 500 Feet 24 AWG
      6-Conductor 500 Feet 24 AWG
      14-pin Homerun Cable 15 foot, 25 foot,35 foot Homerun cable for TI-500, TI-500E,   TI-500E Plus, TI-500 RF
      14-pin Homerun Cable 14-pin (male) connector only
      Quick Disconnect Homerun Cable  Approximately 18′ Homerun cable for TI-500 SL, TI-500 RFSS, TI-500E SS, TI-1250, TI-1680
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