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    Counting Scales

    Transcell counting scale is designed with simplicity in mind. In less than a minute, operators are easily familiar with standard operation and able to optimize the operation efficiency. Available in a wide range of capacities and readabilities.

    Product Item Description Capacity Dimensions
      TCS3T-6LB 6 lb x 0.0002 lb Scale Dimension: 13.5” x 11.8” x 3.9”
    Platter Dimension: 11” x 9”
    Packaging Dimension: 15.6” x 13.8” x 6.5”
    TCS3T-12LB 12 lb x 0.0005 lb
    TCS3T-30LB 30 lb x 0.001 lb
    TCS3T-60LB  60 lb x 0.002 lb
    Options: RS-232 Cable  NMC-1
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