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    If you have any question, please contact our service department at (847) 419-9180.

    Before you calibrate your device, please make sure 

    1. Your scale is level.
    2. Clean up everything under the scale
    3. Wires are in good condition


    If you are facing the following issues, you can simply resolve them by recalibration.

    • My screen shows me “oooooo” how do I fix it?
    • My weights seem to be off. How do I fix it?
    • My screen tells me “Calib”, what does it mean?
    • My screen shows me a “_ _ _ _ _”, what should I do?


    Calibration procedures can be found below:

    • TI500(E): TI
    • TI500: TI500 UG 11_Setup Operation
    • TI500 RF: TI500RF IG 15 Animal Hold
    • TI500 RF SS: TI500RF IG 15 Animal Hold
    • TI500 SL: TI500SL UG
    • TI700: TI700 IG
    • TI1680: TI1680 UG 14
    • PC150: PC150 UG
    • TCS3LCD: TCS3LCD Calibration Procedure
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