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T831 Panel Mount Weighing Terminal

T831 panel mount is a high-quality weighing terminal launched by Transcell Technology. Compared to traditional weighing instruments, the high-resolution and excellent electromagnetic compatibility make it ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. The T831 may be used in a wide variety of applications including chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial and process weighing fields. With superior performance, wide variety of interface options and set point control, we are confident the T831 will provide a totally new operating experience.

Superior Performance

  • OLED dot-matrix display: easy to read, wide temperature range
  • A/D conversion up to 4800 Hz: suitable for high-speed data acquisition
  • Compact Design: thanks to its SMT manufacturing technology
  • ARM DSP microprocessor and FIR digital filtering: provides stable and reliable results
  • Quality assurance and advanced manufacturing technology: ideal for use in harsh industrial environments

Communication Options

  • Supports Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, ProfiBus DP, CANBus (2.0A/B), ProfiNet, Bluetooth (1000m), to meet your communication requirements.
  • Supports analog output (0-10V, 0-5V, 4-20mA, 0-24mA) optional I/O control (1 in 3 out, 4 in 6 out, 7 in 8 out) to meet your control requirements
  • RS232, (continuous or demand format), provides a for point-to-point serial communication, support remote zero and remote tare operation, isolated for antistatic (ESD) protection
  • RS485, communication response time is less than 5ms, supports MODBUS RTU slave protocol

Set Point Control

  • Preset function can be used for simple or complex material mixing, filling and charging
  • High / low level alarm output, set high-high / high / low / low-low alarm values via keyboard
  • Set Point feed and discharge control, automatic or semi-automatic batching of up to four materials, fast feed or slow feed for each material
  • Automatic correction of adding and discharging accuracy (self-learn)



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