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We Do What Others Can’t

Transcell saves time and money for your business, delivering your complete solution from concept design to final production. We custom-manufacture components with your products in mind to make integration more seamless.

We manufacture crane load cells with precision to accurately measure force and weight to ensure equipment and operator safety.

Transcell engineers and manufactures custom force measurement solutions that integrate with On-Board Weighing systems requiring exact measurement and reliability for safety, precise payload weight, and labor efficiency.

Transcell plays a key role in designing custom-engineered solutions, supporting OEMs, and providing load cell components that support the latest automated production systems and innovative consumer products.

We manufacture draft control systems for monitoring and controlling the depth of tractor attachments for tilling efficiency and increased tractor life span.

Transcell’s team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers produce load cells for mobile and industrial OEMS that provide safety and reliability for electronic stability control systems in cars, trucks and construction equipment.

Our load cells deliver precision weighing and automation efficiencies for industries and businesses that rely on automated inline conveyor scales and checkweighing systems.

We manufacture force measurement components and engineer custom solutions for automated aerospace assembly equipment to help you increase output and improve quality.


At Transcell, we manufacture load cells that provide real-time weighing accuracy for gravimetric and loss-in-weight feeders to work efficiently.

Transcell helps companies achieve greater production and manufacturing efficiency with integrated weighing systems. Our engineers use our load cell components to design solutions incorporating project logic controllers (PLC) and computers for batch weighing, blending systems and automation controls, etc.

Transcell manufactures durable load cells that enable precise weight control for rapid automated packaging in facilities with swift production lines.

Transcell designs and manufactures load cells with some of the tightest precision and accuracy performance on the market today. Machine builders and system designers implement our load cells to create spot welding systems to maximize weld repeatability over the life of their machine.

Transcell designs and manufactures products and solutions used in front-end semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs) that require precision manufacturing for the highest quality. Our load cells deliver control inputs for robotic handling of fragile wafers, vibration monitoring, fabrication and testing, and packaging.

Transcell designs components and solutions for delivering quantifiable data during real-time testing for a range of industrial and consumer applications. Our load cells provide measurement data for pressure, strain, vibration, shock, impact, etc.

Transcell offers versatile load cells for electrical vehicle battery testing and manufacturing.


Focused On Your Industry

Transcell partners with companies in multiple industries that depend on equipment with sensors delivering precise measurement of weight, force, or tension. Every day we help customers achieve greater efficiency, improved safety, materials management, accurate record-keeping, and more.

Solution Design

Solution Design

Get a Custom Force Sensing Solution

Transcell designs and manufactures custom solutions for weight, flow, and force measuring.  When you need increased accuracy, safety, and confidence, our engineers deliver innovations that support your equipment and applications.

Examples of Applications

  • Agriculture seeding systems
  • Livestock and equipment weighing
  • Automotive testing systems
  • Industrial flow controls
  • Weight equalization systems
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Load balancing
  • Automation and robotic control triggers
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Crane and winch measuring
  • Wind turbine torque measuring
  • Wireless and remote display systems
  • Medical IV and infusion control
  • Touch screen haptic feedback
  • Multi-axis measuring
  • And more

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