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EV batteries on a production line


Load Cells Helping Drive EV Battery Manufacturing

Assuring an EV battery’s quality and performance during lab development and manufacturing requires a multidimensional approach involving electrical, mechanical, and thermal stress tests. Mechanical evaluations must maintain strict force tolerances, often using load cells because of their accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

EV Battery Testing and Manufacturing

  • Creep and  Relaxation Rate vs. Electrical and Thermal Cyclic Loading
  • Catastrophic Rupture from Mechanical Overload
  • Modulus and Yield Testing of Enclosure
  • Terminal Failure from Tensile and Shear Loading
  • Film Tension Control
  • Structural Safety Testing
  • Pressure Monitoring

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Precision Measurement and Real-time Data

Our high stability and corrosive-resistant pancake sensors offer reliability for various manufacturing and EV battery testing operations. The low-profile load cells integrate with our wireless and wired signal processing systems for instant readings and data logging.

Signal Processing Equipment

Pancake Compression Disk Load Cells

the DBSL pancake compression disk load cell from Transcell used in force measurement and weight sensor applications

EV batteries on a production line


The Transcell Difference

Evolving battery designs and the technical complexity of the EV industries require components designed for the future. Our components capture critical force measurements for electric car battery manufacturers.

What to Expect

  • Dependability – End-to-end solutions that meet your unique needs
  • Durability – Nickel-plated alloy steel construction withstands harsh conditions.
  • Reliability – High accuracy with a nonlinearity of ±0.018 and non-repeatability of ±0.01 percent of the rated output.
  • Cost – Transcell’s offers quality products at competitive prices. And you can be sure to get value for every cent you pay us.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers and designers bring years of combined experience to create solutions for the EV industry. We engineer the total system and manufacture your equipment. You get better solutions faster.

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