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Pallet Scale Systems

Solutions for The Way You Work

Our load cells offer OEMs unparalleled precision, durability, and repeatability, the ideal qualities for upgrading components and creating innovative solutions.

Mobile Weighing Solutions

Load cells deliver high-performance mobile weighing solutions and integrate into heavy-duty forklift systems, hand trucks, and sensitive pallet conveyor scales. We manufacture a full range of capacities and load designs.

Load Cells for All Mobile Weighing Solutions

  • Pallet jack scales
  • Forklift scale systems
  • Telescoping lifts
  • Conveyor systems
  • Portable weigh-bridge scales
  • Axle weigh pads

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Stationary Scales

Stationary Scales

Our weigh modules and display instruments eliminate uncertainty when weighing pallets using floor scales. The reliable results keep work and shipping flowing. We will integrate our components into any stationary scale.
Stationary Weighing

  • U-shaped
  • Platforms
  • Lift tables
  • Beam scales

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Achieve Better Results in Less Time

Load cell integration is a practical step toward enhancing your product line. Develop more accurate, capable, and digital-compliant pallet weighing solutions with our weigh modules.

  • Accurate
  • Low-maintenance
  • Instantaneous feedback
  • Compatible with all weigh pallet systems
  • Fast and efficient data collection and recordkeeping

Integrated Solutions

Load Cell Components and Instrumentation Working Together

Weighing systems require more than sourcing precision components. We provide engineering expertise for end-to-end solutions using our high-quality weigh modules.

Rugged, Dependable Weigh Modules

We offer a range of force transducer options for your pallet weighing systems using our dependable weigh modules for precision, repeatable, and cost-effective results.

Bending Beam

The hermetically-sealed load cell installs easily and performs in rugged industrial conditions.

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bending beam load cell without wiring

Canister Modules

Suitable for large tonnage applications, this component features a safety support block for overload protection.

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the CD-GD Module manufactured by Transcell and used in weight measurement and force sensor applications

S-Beam Modules

We offer these standard and explosion-proof models for accurate and reliable tension measuring, batching, belt scales, etc.

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an S beam load cell force sensor module sold by Transcell

Pancake Load Cell

For floor installation, the rugged component is outfitted with our “pancake” load cell for inventory monitoring, batching, etc.

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Double Ended Beam Modules

This product delivers extreme structural support with direct floor mounting for construction machinery, warehouse operations, etc.

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a double ended beam weigh module manufactured by Transcell and used in force measurement applications

BSH Single-Ended Shear Beam

Sealed Load Cell for Harsh Industrial Environments

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Unlock the Power of Data with Signal Processing and Instrumentations

Capture and process data from your pallet weighing equipment with our digital integration solutions. With our engineering team supporting you, we help you optimize I/O configurations and select the best hardware and software that works for you.

Processing and Instrumentation Solutions

  • Printer integration
  • Data capturing systems
  • Integration with other components or sensors
  • Digital readouts that display the real-time weights
  • Electronics and lead-outs
  • Wireless communications to displays or mobile devices
  • IoT, PLC, and PAC integrations
  • And more

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Custom Solutions

Quality Products and Engineering from Start to Finish

All engineering and production happen in-house. That means faster solutions and no inferior third-party components. Our engineering teams in North America design your pallet weighing solution – all the details and all the functionality.


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