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IV drip


Ensuring Continuous Fluid Delivery

The IoT IV fluid monitoring uses weight sensors to detect fluid amounts in the IV infusion bottles or bags and transmits wired or wireless data streams to healthcare staff.

Benefits of Active IV Fluid Monitoring

  • Efficiency Evaluation: Our load cells help nurses evaluate the infusion’s effectiveness.
  • Patient Safety: The load cell-based systems provide accurate fluid data to avoid potential complications from fluid overload and electrolyte imbalance.
  • Staff Efficiency: Nurses or aides can confidently care for patients requiring medical fluids with IV alarms.

Integrated SolutionsIntegrated Solutions

Equipment for Medical IV Fluid Monitoring

We have various components to use for real-time medical infusion monitoring.

Load Cells and Force Transducers

Depending on the system requirements, a monitoring system may require an our Mini S-beam or Single-ended beam for measuring the weight of the suspended IV bag. A force transducer would measure blockages or occlusions through a device attached to the tubing.

mini s-beam load cell size compared to quarter

Signal Processing

We offer one or a combination of wired or wireless signal processing systems that can be configured to sound an in-room alarm. Configurations with wireless connectivity can send alerts to remote locations or smart devices such as tablets.

Download Free Signal Processing Guide

mini s-beam load cell size compared to quarter

Custom SolutionsEngineering Solutions

All engineering and production happen in-house. Our engineers and designers bring years of combined experience to create solutions for medical infusion bag weighing and monitoring systems. We engineer the total system. You get better solutions faster.

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