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multihead weigh feeder

Weigh Feeding System

Supporting Equipment Manufacturers

We manufacture load cells that are key to the effectiveness of any weight-feeding system. Our load cells and engineered solutions deliver fast and accurate signals.

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Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Load cells offer greater accuracy in loss-in-weight feeding systems compared to volumetric-based material-handling equipment. Our load cells respond rapidly to a loss-in-weight of bulk solids and liquids, including poorly flowing materials.

Industries that Rely on Loss-in-Weight Systems

  • Food and beverage
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
Automated production line in modern food factory.Production line in the food factory.Conveyor Belt Food.
Concrete and Cement Mixing Plant

Industrial Weigh Feeders

Heavy industries depend on precision when mixing raw materials. Our high-capacity load cells handle the rugged demands of industrial equipment in these sectors and more:

  • Mining
  • Concrete and cement
  • Chemical processing Industries
  • Pulp and paper
  • Paint Industries

Agriculture Weighing Systems for Livestock Feed

Automated weigh systems on factory farms accurately dispense feed for poultry and other livestock, increasing operational efficiency in challenging environmental conditions.

Benefits of Load-Cell Feeding Systems

  • Reduce feed costs
  • Optimizes labor
  • Monitor feed inventory
  • Animal consumption insights
The yellow baby chickens in the business farm
Clean and fresh apples on conveyor belt

Dynamic Belt Weighing

Continuous weighing supports packaging, sorting, and overall quality assurance in various industries. Our load cells enable dynamic belt weight sensing for calculating the weight of bulk materials moving along a conveyor.

Industries Relying on Belt Weighing Equipment

  • Vegetable Industry
  • Fruit Industry
  • Egg Packaging
  • Industrial Parts Manufacturing

Signal Processing Capabilities

Instant Signal Communication

We engineer load cells and force transducer solutions with automated digital I/O systems for increased functionality on your weigh feeder systems. Our engineering team designs integrated systems that maximize force transducer technologies for dynamic weighing.

Engineering Design Services

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