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Load Cells

Transcell's high-end load cell technology integrates direct force measurement capability into your products and processes.

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a Load Cell part

Indicators & Controllers

Our indicators and controllers are engineered and designed to deliver simple weighing displays, mult-data processing, and functionality.

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TI-500SL Weighing Indicator

Junction Boxes

Our low-profile junction boxes protect your multi-channel cards in demanding environments. We offer ABS or stainless steel models, depending on the size.

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JB-FI-4 Signal Trim Junction Box


Our indicators and controllers can quickly process and deliver data, including via wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, WiFi, RF, and more.

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Wireless communication instrument

Wireless Communication

Our kits for wireless communication transmit and receive data over Bluetooth, WiFi, or radio frequency (RF) for weigh modules, floor scales, and weigh beams.

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TI 500 FR SS Trans B


We design and build components for industrial scales that provide uncompromising accuracy and performance for weighing applications.

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PC-150 - Transcell brand scale

Torque Transducers

Our all-aluminum reaction torque sensors install easily into robotics and other equipment requiring precise torque measurements.

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Weigh Modules

We integrate high-end load cell technology with custom-designed weigh modules that support common weighing systems and custom measuring applications.

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image of a Weigh Module from Transcell
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