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Load Weighing For Efficiency and Safety

Industries using cranes and hoists require accurate measurements for loading and maintaining safety. Crane scales with load cell technology remove uncertainty when using equipment to lift, load, and move materials. Operators receive instant information about the weight of the load and stress on the equipment through wired or wireless displays.

Advantages of Crane Load Cells

  • Ensures safety for the crane operator and equipment by preventing overloads
  • Helps manage inventory with the accurate weighing of materials
  • Determine crane and hoist capacity with testing systems
  • Eliminates the need for floor scales in many cases and applications

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Handling the Load

Load cells and load pins provide immediate signaling for automated crane load limitation systems that halt lifting in the event of overload. Our engineers can design safety systems that comply with EN ISO 13849 and EN 62508 standards.

Industries Using Crane Scales

  • Oil and gas
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Foundries
  • Shipyards

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Crane and Hoist Weighing SystemsWeighing Systems

Manufactured and Designed for Precision

We engineer durable crane load cells for more accurate and precise operating of crane and hoist scales, even in the toughest conditions. We also build crane load indicators that perfectly convert the load force from analog to digital display systems. Lifting heavy materials and equipment is easier with Transcell’s reliable measurement technology.

Components for Draft Control Systems

Load Pins

  • One or more load pins provide feedback from the hoist or crane.
  • Single pin connect to instruments for readouts or automation.
  • Multiple pins feed signals into a junction box or summing card.

Wireless Connectivity

  • Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter – A Bluetooth device connects directly to load cell output wiring, transmitting the signal to a nearby smartphone or computer.
  • RF Transmitter – A UHF business band radio device connects directly to the load cell, transmitting to a dedicated receiver.
  • Wi-Fi – A standard protocol bridges the load cell with a PC via WiFi/virtual Ethernet port, PC/PLC via RS485/RS232, point-to-point browser connections on computers, tablets, and smartphones, multiple load cells, and W series instruments.

Digital I/O

Our engineering team will help you integrate automated functions with Digital I/O systems.

Our Instrumentation Solutions

Engineering Design Engineering Design

Engineered with Specificity

Our engineering and manufacturing teams work together to design vertically-integrated force sensor solutions. Transcell is equipped and ready to design crane weighing systems with force measurement technologies that fit your needs and industrial applications.

Our Engineering Design Services

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