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Tractor ploughing


Prevent Tractor Engine Overload

Draft control systems use load cell technology to automatically control a tractor’s three-point hitch. The field terrain affects the plowing depth of the tractor’s attachments, such as a v-plow or bottom plow. Rough terrains cause more strain on the hitch, leading to more fuel consumption, wear of the tractor, and less tilling efficiency. The presence of draft control on the tractor helps create an intuitive way to balance the draft on the tractor hitch.

Benefits of draft control

  • Reduced tractor wear
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Operator safety
  • Traction control
  • Even tilling on rolling or rough terrain
  • Reduced plowing time

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Draft Control SystemsDraft Control Systems

Engineered for Greater Efficiency and Reduced Cost

We create an efficient draft control system that supports agriculture application. Our draft control systems incorporate load pins for the three-point hitching and wired or wireless connectivity for real-time automated or manual response monitoring. Load-cell technology offers instant and more accurate readings compared to hydraulic feedback systems.

Rear view of modern agricultural tractor. Industrial details.

Components for Draft Control Systems

Load Pins

One or more load pins provide feedback from the farm implement.
  • Single pin connects to instruments for readouts or automation.
  • Multiple pins feed signals into a junction box or summing card.

Wireless Connectivity

  • Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter – This Bluetooth device connects directly to load cell output wiring, transmitting the signal to a nearby smartphone or computer.
  • RF Transmitter – The UHF business band radio device connects directly to the load cell, transmitting to a dedicated receiver.
  • Wi-Fi – The standard protocol bridges the load cell with a PC via Wi-Fi/virtual Ethernet port, PC/PLC via RS485/RS232, point-to-point browser connections on computers, tablets, and smartphones, multiple load cells, and W series instruments.

Digital I/O

Our engineering team will help you integrate automated functions with Digital I/O systems.

Our Instrumentation Solutions


Engineered DesignEngineered Design

Customized Draft Control System

Tailored engineering solutions produce greater value. Our team of engineers helps you set up the draft control system that increases your tractor life span and productivity.

Engineering Design

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