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Automated Packaging Systems

Efficient Packaging Aided by Accurate Weighing

We manufacture various load cells for accurate weighing on automated packaging lines, integrating force sensors for continuous belt weighing, loss-in-weight dosing, and filling to enable more efficient packaging applications. Our team of engineers designs solutions that solve your toughest automated production and packaging challenges.


Water Bottling Plant
Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems

Bagging, Bottling, and Packaging Systems

Filling machines rely heavily on precise weighing for automation. Our load cells produce fast signal responses on high-speed filling lines for bagging, bottling, or package filling.

  • Food packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Spirits and beverages
  • Manufacturers of industrial parts like screws and nuts


Wrapping Systems

Load cells trigger automated plastic wrapping systems used in food and other product packaging systems.

  • Food and Beverage industries
  • Agricultural industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
Filling and packaging industrial machine
Food factory automated robotic machine. Conveyor product line for cooking and packing rations and food packs. packing potatoes in a plastic bag
Dynamic Weighing

Dynamic Weighing

Dynamic Belt Weighing

Flow regulation on automated packaging lines depends on rapid weighing. Our load cells provide rapid weight detection to maintain optimum speed and efficiency for sorting or packaging.

  • Vegetable packaging
  • Egg packaging
  • Fruit packaging

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Signal Processing

Signal Processing

Swift Sensing and Relaying

Packaging automation relies on swift signal processing and system communications. We engineer automation solutions with digital I/O systems that keep your production and packaging line rolling. Our engineering ensures the fastest interpretation of force sensor signals and communication with the filling equipment.

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