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Bending Beam Module

The BSH module incorporates our single-ended shear beam load cell for use in demanding industrial conditions.

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image of a Weigh Module from Transcell

Canister Module

Suitable for large tonnage applications, this component features a safety support block for overload protection.

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S-Beam Module

We offer these standard and explosion-proof models for accurate and reliable tension measuring, batching, belt scales, etc.

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Compression Disk Module

For floor installation, the rugged component is outfitted with our “pancake” load cell for inventory monitoring, batching, etc.

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Double Ended Beam Module

This product delivers extreme structural support with direct floor mounting for construction machinery, warehouse operations, etc.

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Single Ended Beam Module

These easily installed components offer durability to meet the needs of many industries needing floor scales, blending systems and conveyor controls, etc.

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