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Illustration of aerospace thrust and torque testing stand using load cells

Validation Systems

Load Cells for Aerospace Testing Applications

Our load cells and weigh modules are designed for high-end aerospace testing devices in commercial, defense, and civil applications. They enable fast and accurate force measurements during the R&D and testing phases.

Aerospace Testing Applications

  • Cable tension testing
  • Wing, doors, fuselage, etc., deformation
  • UAV propeller thrust
  • Landing gear and suspension
  • Thrust stands
  • Calibration systems
  • Wind tunnel
  • Vibration

Force Measurement COmponents

Repeatability Delivers Confidence

Our products feature a variety of force measurement technologies suited for aerospace testing applications.

  • Multiple column load cells: Very high capacities, strong nonlinearity performance, excellent price point
  • Pancake load cells: Best measurement uncertainties and repeatability across a broad capacity range
  • Torque sensors: Excellent measurement performance and design customization at an aggressive price point.
  • Canister: Inexpensive, lightweight, excellent performance under ideal loading conditions

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Signal Processing and Instrumentation

Capture, Display, and Store Data with Analog-to-Digital Solutions

Our signal processors and analog-to-digital instrumentation offer industry-leading performance and aggressive pricing and are available for customization.

  • User-selectable sampling rates
  • Long-scale resolution
  • Excellent accuracy, repeatability
  • Ability to linearize load cells and torque transducers
  • Variety of analog and digital output options
  • Relay control

Solutions for Displaying and Capturing Data

Digital display of aerospace tension strength test equipment


The Future of Accurate and Reliable Aerospace Testing

Strain gauge-based load cells and weigh modules can boost the performance of your aerospace testing equipment.

  • Accurate and Stable Response
  • Repeatable Results
  • Rugged Construction
  • Versatile Applications
  • Efficient Signal Processing and Data Collection
  • Explosion Proof Options

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Custom Engineering

Quality Products and Engineering for Precision Performance

Transcell is a vertically-integrated supplier: we design, program, manufacture, and test all of our products. This allows us to provide our customers with higher-performing solutions with extensive customization at excellent prices.

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