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Transcell Technology specializes in producing high-end load cells and floor scales, alongside wheel and axle weighers, for the United States agriculture industry. Our full-service engineering and production team not only produces the highest-rated agriculture weighing equipment available to farmers today, but is also capable of creating completely custom solutions from start-to-finish for the complex technical challenges that your business faces, without the need to work with separate suppliers for each segment of the design and production process.

Our team of experienced engineers and production specialists produce the best agriculture weighing scales, load cells, and weight indicators available on the market today. However, our line of DBS Module Capacity weighers are by far our most popular weighing solution for the agricultural field. For example, our DBS 4-Module Capacity weighing module is perfect for weighing large amounts of grain and other types of agricultural products transported by both vehicle and rail, and is widely used for accurately weighing silo contents.

In addition, all of our weigh modules come equipped with specially-designed cables that are designed to resist ultraviolet light damage and chemical corrosion, in addition to being waterproof and capable of operating in freezing temperatures. Our weighing modules have developed a well-deserved reputation for performance and reliability in the most brutal outdoor conditions, and are widely used throughout the agricultural industry.

Our high-end load cells, which are key sensors used in weighing technology to convert force into weight, are built for use in stock weighing modules and in custom-built modules. We produce a full range of load cells, including shear beam load cells, S-type load cells, column load cells, and pancake type load cells, all of which are produced to last. We also manufacture a line of high-performance load pins for projects that require a level of flexibility not offered by traditional load cells. In fact, Transcell’s load cells are so well built that over 100,000 of these load cells are still operating flawlessly in the field, even after ten years of use.

Transcell’s portable weigh beams are also excellent choices for farmers who need to regularly and accurately weigh livestock. Our weighing beams are very durable scales designed for ease-of-use and easy portability, and can be completely set-up and ready to use in just a few short minutes. These systems include two weigh beams, coupled with a wireless interface and NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator. While it is designed to be utilized underneath a cattle chute, it can also be used under conveyors, tanks, or hoppers, and offers a total weighing capacity of 5,000 lbs.

In addition, our AWS Wheel Pad is rated for up to 20,000 lbs and is constructed using durable cast aluminium materials, has a low-profile design, and is designed with built-in handles and wheels, making it ideal for mobile weight inspections. The industry-standard scale also comes with a control box, built-in thermal printer, and multiple wheel pads and ramps. It is also designed to ensure ease of installation, reducing set-up time and enabling you to spend time on what’s important: managing your business.

We understand how important accurate, durable, and cost-effective weighing technologies are in the farming business. That’s why Transcell offers the most accurate agriculture weighing scales in the United States, with an emphasis on dependability, high-quality electrical components, and reduced lead times. Our portable scales are also ideal for farmers who value flexibility and need a mobile weighing solution capable of managing yield across a large geographic area.

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