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Unique Challenges, Innovative Solutions

Our engineers thrive on opportunities to create products and solutions
for you, based on innovations we’ve developed over 40 years. This list of load cell solutions doesn’t scratch the surface:

  • Agriculture seeding flow monitoring
  • Durability testing
  • Pedal or lever force measurement
  • Automated filling systems
  • Human prosthetics
  • Cable tensioning
  • Conveyor scales
  • Bridge stress monitoring
  • Construction load-bearing assessments


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a junction box that is housed in a stainless steel enclosure

Load Cells

Transcell's high-end load cell technology integrates direct force measurement capability into your products and processes.

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a Load Cell part

Pressure Transducers

Transcell manufactures precision pressure transducers that are used in many industries and for many applications, including production monitoring, quality control, safety, and more.

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Pressure transducer


We design and build components for industrial scales that provide uncompromising accuracy and performance for weighing applications.

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PC-150 - Transcell brand scale

Strain Gauges

We manufacture electrical resistance strain gauges to precision tolerances to increase long-term stability and reliability.

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Oil Press that utilizes strain gauges

Weigh Modules

We integrate high-end load cell technology with custom-designed weigh modules that support common weighing systems and custom measuring applications.

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image of a Weigh Module from Transcell
Test and measurement


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