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Grain Management

Load Cells Transforming Farm Management

Load cell-based weigh modules can maximize the efficiency and safety of various agricultural operations all across farmlands.

  • Automation: Force transducers can automate silo balancing, truck load-outs, and hopper weighing.
  • Inventory Management: Real-time stock monitoring of silos allows for effective inventory management and cost control.
  • Safety: Silo automation makes farming incredibly safe by automating hazardous tasks like tank weighing and grain monitoring from the top of silos.
  • Lateral/Vertical Pressure: Monitor the pressure or force exerted on the sides and floor of the silo.


Our Difference Makes the Difference

End-to-end engineering solutions transform traditional agricultural silo management. Using reliable force transducers with digital integrations opens avenues for efficient silo space management, increasing crop yields, real-time silo monitoring, better workplace safety, and increased resistance to inclement climatic conditions.

  • Accurate and Stable
  • Repeatable Results
  • Rugged Construction
  • Versatile Applications
  • Equipment Longevity
  • Hermetic sealing, well-protected against harsh environments
  • Repeatable measurements and reliable data processing
chickens feeding from autofeeder

Integrated Solutions

An Engineered Approach to Grain Silo Management

Our load cells offer OEMs unparalleled precision, durability, and repeatability, ideal for upgrading components and creating innovative solutions.

Rugged, Dependable Weigh Modules for Repeatable Results

Transcell offers a variety of high-performance load cells with hermetic sealing and a range of weighing capacities. These qualities make them ideal for grain silo systems.

Single Point Load Cells

Our wide selection of single-point load cells handle the demands of smaller scales used in postal, counting, and small hopper applications, etc.

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Double Ended Beam

Choose the corrosion-resistant alloy steel shear beam load cell batching for warehousing and inventory applications.

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Picture of Double Ended Beam load cell DBS-300x

S-Beam Load Cells

Our long-lasting S-beam load cells have many applications that require tension measurement, batching and weighing.

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an S beam load cell force sensor module sold by Transcell

Pancake Load Cells

Low-profile pancake load cells offer excellent measurement performance over a variety of applications

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Farmer reviews silo inventory

Silo Management with Signal Processing and Instrumentation

Our comprehensive signal processing and instrumentation solutions support real-time silo stock levels and grain flow monitoring. We offer both on-site and remote monitoring capabilities for maximum performance and safety.

  • Digital display indicators, including intrinsically safe (explosion-proof) options
  • Initiate processing for better safety protocols and preventive maintenance
  • Bluetooth and wireless transmitters
  • Remote monitoring with a smartphone or PC
  • PLC, PAC, and PC integration
  • Data logging and analysis
  • Warning systems

Custom Solutions

Our Teams Deliver Results for Your Challenges

Our engineering and design teams apply years of experience to create farm and storage management solutions. All engineering and production happen in-house. That means faster, cost-effective solutions using high-performance components.

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