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On-Board Weighing

Industries Using On-Board Weighing

Integrated Solutions for On-Board Precision

We partner with OEMs to design and engineer precision on-board weight management solutions for industries.

Common Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Bulk Haulages
  • Waste Management
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Logistics
  • Construction Materials

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Benefits of On-Board Weighing

Accuracy by the Truckload

Our load cells, force transducers, strain gauges, and custom solutions for many industry verticals meet exacting requirements for on-board weighing systems.

  • Save time and labor with exact load and fill levels
  • Prevent overloading of trucks and equipment
  • Save energy by moving exact amounts
  • Maximize payloads for transportation efficiency
  • On-location weighing without a weighbridge
  • Extend equipment life, prevent excessive wear
  • Eliminate excessive weight preventing possible fines
  • Reduce loading time

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OEM Solutions


Engineered Solutions for Mobile OEMs

We partner with OEM equipment companies to improve onboard functionality and new solutions for industrial, construction, and consumer applications. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams deliver high-quality, custom solutions faster.

Products for Vehicle Stability

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