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Uses of Transcell Load Cells in Prosthetics

Our load cells offer primary and secondary feedback for testing and real-world performance of prosthetic devices.

  • Prosthetic limbs: Incorporate intelligent grasping capabilities, allowing limbs to grasp or release objects automatically
  • Multi-axis testing: Monitor and measure forces, torque, and motion for fatigue and failure.
  • Exoskeletons: Measure and monitor exoskeleton power and force for motion control, maneuverability, and balance
  • Biomechanical research: Combine with EMG and ultrasound systems to extend the possibilities of biomechanical analysis in different fields, such as defense and sports

Integrated SolutionsSolutions

Components for Prosthetics

Transcell offers various load cell components for prosthetics. These devices integrate force, weight, and signal processing for automatic reaction and adjustment.

Solutions for Prosthetics

  • Load Cells: Measure dynamic, static, and quasi-static tension, and compression using pancake, single-point load cells, and others
  • Load Pins: Capture forces in pivot joints such as elbows or wrists
  • Torque Sensors: Test, measure, and calibrate motion
  • Signal Processing: Deliver real-time digital or analog feedback for primary or secondary functions of the device

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Built for Reliability and Confidence

We manufacture precision components for prosthetic applications and combine specialized engineering to support the development and function of life-changing prosthetics.


  • Improved mobility and functionality
  • Enhanced accuracies
  • Ability to measure high dynamics and large forces
  • Miniaturization, smaller is better and less intrusive

Custom SolutionsEngineering Solutions

Our engineers and designers bring years of experience to create solutions for prosthetics. We engineer the total system. You get better solutions faster.

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