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Double ended shear beam load cell is alloy steel constructed. It provides high protection against corrosion by nickel-plated treatment and is perfect for applications including:

  • Batching system
  • Warehousing systems
  • Inventory measurement processing
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Features & Benefits

  • Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • Easy To Install
  • Protected Against Corrosion by Nickel-Plated Treatment

* Suitable for truck scales, rail scales, bin and hopper scales, etc.


Technical Specifications

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DBS-V18.5 - Double Ended Shear Beam

Double Ended Beam DBS-V17.3

DBSQ-V18.5 - Double Ended Shear Beam

Double Ended Beam DBSQ-V17.3
Rated Output300000 counts
Creep± 0.02% of applied load
Nonlinearity± 0.03% of rated output
Hysteresis± 0.03% of rated output
Repeatability± 0.03% of rated output
Temp Effect on Output± 0.002% of reading/°C
Temp Effect on Zero± 0.002% of output/°C
Cable Length13m [42.65ft] / 15m [49.21ft]
Max Output Distance1000 m
Safe Temp Range-10 to +70°C
Temp Comp Range-10 to +40°C
Safe Overload150% of capacity
Rated Excitation8 V DC
Max Excitation8 V DC
Input Current40 mA
Baud Rate19200 bps
DBS-V18.5 View Sheet
DBSQ-V18.5 View Sheet


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