Our JB-FI is an IP65 rated load cell summing card housed in an ABS enclosure. It has four 5-position terminal strips for load cell input, and one 7-position terminal strip with internally jumped sense terminals for output to the instrument. The board will sum 2 to 4 load cells and can be daisy-chained to sum up to 8 load cells using 2 summing cards and enclosures. Trimming of signal output is accomplished with four multi-turn trim pots. A stainless steel enclosure version (JB-SS) is also available. Summing card (JB-PCB) can be purchased separately and measures 100 mm x 75 mm.

  • -Cable entry glands can accept a cable O.D. range of 4.5 to 8mm / 0.18 to 0.31 in. (PGA7-08)
  • -Terminal strips accept a wire size range of 12 to 24AWG


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