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As a business leader that relies on OEM manufacturers for quality components for your equipment, you understand how important accurate delivery estimates from your component suppliers are for your business goals and planning, maintaining a lean manufacturing environment, and meeting your commitments to your own customers. Inaccurate or misleading lead times can wreak havoc on your business: they can lead to idle machinery and employees, missed opportunity costs from other items that you could have prepared to manufacturer, and can harm your relationships with your own customers by causing you to miss your own delivery dates.

Even more, as an experienced leader in the manufacturing field you understand that many companies, unfortunately, are all too willing to knowingly provide misleading delivery estimates in order to secure an order, with no regard to how this incorrect information may negatively affect your business; some unscrupulous suppliers are just okay with making late deliveries a normal part of business.

The Transcell team understands how frustrating this can be, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing accurate delivery estimates on all of our component production orders, regardless of what the competition may claim to offer. That’s because we strongly believe that the best way to grow our business and transform customers into long-term business partners is to produce quality products, while meeting all of our commitments. Good business really is as simple as that.

Our Commitment

Transcell Technology is committed to always providing accurate delivery estimates for every weighing technology and component order that we complete. While we Transcell is famous for offering the best lead times of any major OEM manufacturer, we do understand that providing an accurate quote may put us at a disadvantage in the bidding process, since many unethical companies will mislead their customers and provide inaccurate lead time quotes in order to secure a contract. However, we know that meeting all of our commitments in a timely manner has been key to developing Transcell’s sterling reputation for quality and customer service, and we are confident that our potential clients understand that as well.

Common Causes of Delivery Delays

Profit Motivation

Many unethical manufacturing companies are so focused on profit and securing the next production contract that they are willing to knowingly deceive customers in order to get a contract signed, even if such false promises will negatively affect their customer’s business and reputation. Transcell Technology wholeheartedly rejects that line of thinking. We believe that the best way to secure new customers is by exceeding our client’s expectations and by maintaining

Production Capacity

Another common cause of delayed delivery dates is the fact that many manufacturing companies will take on more business than their production line can realistically handle. This is done with either the hope that their line employees will somehow increase efficiency overnight, enabling them to meet their commitments, or with the understanding that they will not meet their promises. Either way, the vendor gets paid and your business suffers the consequences.


Many manufacturing firms fail to meet their delivery estimates because of issues with their own suppliers. Even if a company believes that they are providing you with an accurate lead time, issues with their own component or raw material suppliers may cause unforeseen delays in their lead times. For instance, a major delay in digital displays can cause a weighing technology supplier to delay the delivery of all of their weighing platforms, since they cannot perform unless shipped with a digital display.

Transcell recognizes that supplier delays are one of the most common causes of delivery delays, and that’s why we build potential issues with our suppliers into our lead times, ensuring that we can not only meet our lead time commitment, but can exceed these commitments in normal conditions.

Employee Morale

One of the most overlooked, but important, factors that can affect delivery estimates is employee morale. When a manufacturing company fails to take care of its employees, the best production line workers will leave for better opportunities. What’s more, the company’s existing employees will begin to put less effort into the production process, leading to delays and additional production flaws.

That’s why Transcell is committed to treating each of our employees, from the executive level down to sanitation, as instrumental to our company’s mission. We understand that employee morale is the key to maintaining an effective and collaborative working environment. When your employees believe in your company’s mission and have a personal stake in it, they will make every effort to ensure that your customers are happy and your goals are met.

At Precision Clamp, we understand how important employee morale is to maintaining a cohesive and productive working environment. When employees believe in your mission and have a sense of ownership over their company and production line, they take pride in meeting and exceeding deadlines. That’s why all of Transcell Technology’s employees are provided with highly competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a clearly defined path to leadership. This ensures that our team is among the most motivated and efficient manufacturing crews in the country.