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Quality Assurance

When selecting a component manufacturer for your business to work with for your sourcing needs, there are several key qualities that you should look for before choosing a supplier. These qualities include the company’s industry reputation, price point, and even lead time estimates. However, one of the most overlooked characteristics in an industrial manufacturing company is their commitment to quality assurance.

Quality Assurance is the way that a manufacturing company ensures the quality of workmanship in their products, and is also the way that a company identifies defects and mistakes that could affect the quality of the manufactured product. A company’s quality assurance processes are key to assessing the quality of their final product; a company that does not test their products rigorously is taking a risk that their components may fail in the field, costing their customers time and money while they try to identify and fix the problem.

Read on to learn more about Transcell Technology’s commitment to quality assurance and quality control, and about how our team is committed to ensuring quality control in each stage of the design and manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance

If you are regularly involved in sourcing industrial equipment and components for your business, you understand how important it is that you partner with a manufacturer who cares deeply about quality assurance. When a company fails to ensure the quality and reliability of their equipment, they put their customers at risk. Failure of a weighing technology component on an industrial floor or far-away farm can lead to a halt in production, costing you thousands of dollars in wasted man hours.

Such a failure can also cause your production floor to grind to a halt, can delay your delivery dates to a whole range of customers, and can take hours or days to fix. Even worse, you will now need to search for a new weighing technology manufacturer, since your existing supplier caused these problems and clearly demonstrated why they are not fit to partner with your firm.

Given the extremely important role that industrial weighing technology plays in your business, you owe it to yourself, your team, and your company to ensure that you are contracting with a manufacturing firm that takes quality assurance seriously.

Product Design

Transcell’s engineering team is highly regarded within the OEM and weighing technology industries, and our commitment to quality assurance begins with them, long before any of our components enter the production line. Before we approve a new design, whether it be for stock weighing equipment or for a custom-designed solution for one of our clients, our components go through a rigorous testing process by our team of certified engineers. First, our team tests the product design by utilizing feedback from our customers and other professionals who use this equipment on a daily basis. This step of the process allows us to design a product that truly addresses the problems that our customers face, and to address and design flaws in current weighing platforms before we even design the prototype.

Once the product design phase has been completed, our team begins to construct a prototype device for testing. Each design is rigorously tested in the laboratory and in real-world conditions, allowing us to identify potential problems before the component is deployed in the field. If a problem is identified, our engineering team will return to the drawing board to fix the flaw and construct a new prototype, which will again be tested until the problem is completely resolved.

Many companies in the industrial manufacturing field tend to deemphasize the product testing process, because it is costly, time intensive, and labor intensive. However, we understand how vital this process is and we remain committed to putting all of our products through a rigorous pre-production testing process.

Production Process

Transcell’s production line is also held to the same rigorous standard that apply to all of our testing activities.  Our production line crew works closely with our engineering team to ensure that any problems on the manufacturing floor are addressed before the first component is manufactured, and long before the component arrives at our customer’s door.

Furthermore, our entire production line team is trained on how to proactively identify problems in the manufacturing process and each team member is empowered to bring any potential issues directly to their floor line managers, ensuring that any problems are identified and rectified immediately. Our team is also committed to ensuring that our production line machinery is well-maintained safely run.

Quality Control

The final step in Transcell Technology’s quality assurance process is post-production testing. We take quality control very seriously and test every batch of our weighing technology for performance, reliability, and to identify any defects. This allows us to guarantee the quality and performance of our components each and every time, and provides you and your team with peace of mind when partnering with Transcell.