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Who we are
Founded in 1981 in Buffalo Grove, IL by Charles Liang, Transcell Technology specializes in load cells; digital, postal and industrial scales; precision balances; and, a wide range of indicating elements (digital instrumentation). Our full-service engineering and manufacturing teams excel at creating efficient solutions to the complex technical problems that our customers face on a daily basis. Just a 25minute drive from O’Hare airport, our Chicagoland Transcell group welcomes visitors to meet the team to discuss their custom weighing technology needs in a comfortable and hassle-free environment.

We understand the challenges in sourcing high-quality OEM components and vendors for weighing and precision measurement needs. At Transcell Technology, we help customers focus on their core competency and what’s really important in keeping their own customers satisfied and growing their business. At Transcell, we help businesses achieve their commercial goals by consolidating the design and production of weighing technology components into one US-based manufacturing partner.

At Transcell, we complete all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing process in-house, from strain gauge design to precision measurement, from an array of communication protocol options. Our team will create effective, custom OEM solutions for your business, while providing the industry’s best in class lead times. Our Illinois-based engineering team and full-service manufacturing facilities, combined with our unparalleled reputation within the OEM weighing and precision measurement industry, help make Transcell Technology the industry’s best kept secret (We aim to let the secret out!).

Why Transcell
We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing a superior product line, while simultaneously providing an outstanding customer service experience, by focusing all of our technical prowess on industrial weighing technologies and by creating long-term relationships with our customers through our full-service engineering and manufacturing capabilities, industry proven product quality and performance, and our unmatched customer service. These specific traits clearly separate Transcell Technology above the rest, in an otherwise matured commodity market.

Transcell Technology is unique as an OEM-based weighing technology company because our team is capable of providing comprehensive design and manufacturing services to the weighing and precision measurement market by helping firms consolidate their manufacturing processes, focus on their core competencies, and eliminate the need for an array of 2nd and 3rd component vendors or variables.


Technical Expertise
Our focus on OEM-based industrial weighing and measurement products provides our team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers with the ability to focus exclusively on emerging technologies in the industrial weighing field, ensuring every product manufactured by Transcell contains cutting-edge technology, from the overall design down to the component level.


Our quality assurance process begins at the research and design stage, where we welcome input from our production team and customers–those who use our products on a daily basis and who understand exactly what is needed from our components in the field. We are committed to rigorous quality assurance testing, assuring our customers receive the highest quality products with each and every purchase.


We are committed to holding each and every customer service interaction to the same rigorous standards that we apply to all of our manufactured parts and machinery. It is our sincere belief that in addition to the quality and performance of our industrial scales and precision measurement solutions, it is our customer service that transforms a customer into a long-term business partner.

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